10 things you never knew you can do until you have newborns

I’ve heard having one newborn is hard enough. Imagine having twins. (True stories) 1- Eating sushi, with chopsticks, using one hand. And holding your baby in the other. 2- Holding both of your babies, each in one arm. And having…

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10 « grown up » songs to use with your kids

We can all agree on the fact that lullabies and kids’ songs are not always enjoyable. So I figured that since my twins are still too young to understand the songs’ words, we’d listen to cool songs that have a…

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Is expecting a perfect baby reasonable?

We hear a lot about moms’ first reactions when they see their newborn. So in our future-mom mind, it’s going to be just perfect. But in the back of our heads, we can’t help thinking about what can go wrong…

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Giving birth… An easy job?

A week or so before the (unplanned) birth, I asked Salim a question that was starting to haunt me: « Am I going to die while giving birth?«  I admit it was an intense question, but hey I am kind of…

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Hi, Being a mother makes you do things you’ve never done before. So I’m starting a blog. This blog is about my awesome twins’ evolution, but also about my life with the twins. I will also mention the cool father…

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