A separated mom’s tale


I haven’t written in ages. I write today with a heavy heart to let you know that Salim and I separated.

But it’s okay. It’s okay because all of us are fine and most importantly the kids are fine.

Also, this made me stronger. Even better, it made me a strong person and a strong mother. I feel like I am more than ever connected to my darling twins because they are all I need.

They are the reason I keep going and keep moving forward in life. Their « je t’aime maman, plus que tout » is really the only thing I’d ever need for my day.

They’re 6 now and can definitely express themselves and I discover tons of stuff with them, everyday and I can’t be more thankful for them.

So this a short tale. A tale of a strong mom who would do anything for her kids. A tale of a mom who discovered herself. A tale of a mom with a heart full of life and love. A tale of a happy, separated mom.



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