From a mom of twins to new parents


My twins are now two and a half years old. I won’t pretend that I’m therefore an expert at raising kids, but I do feel like there are a few things that I’ve learnt and that I need to share with new parents.

First of all, I’d like to tell you that it’s okay to be scared. To be scared of what to expect, of what not to expect.

I was frightened when I knew that I was pregnant. I was frightened when I knew we were expecting twins, when I knew my baby had a malformation, when I realized that they were ready to get out and meet the world. And it’s okay.

You should also expect to have sleepless nights and tiresome days. You probably already heard that, a lot. You couldn’t hear it enough. First few months are crazy.

You’ll feel like a walking zombie, and once again, it’s absolutely normal. Know that these days will end and that you’ll soon be able to get some sleep and some rest.

As for knowing exactly what to do even if you’ve read all the books in the world, well, you won’t. Situations that you don’t expect will come. Keep that in mind. You’ll know what to do eventually because no one is as competent as you when it comes to your child.

It’s also very normal not to feel parenthood as pictured in movies from day 1. It is something that comes with time, when you see your little ones smile for the first time or when they first say mommy. Be patient.

I think that most importantly, you should not feel bad for not being perfect. Everything will come with time. Being a new parent is full of « it’s okay »s and it is perfectly okay.

With tons of support and good thoughts,

A mother of twins.





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