Why dads are pretty awesome.

It’s almost mother’s day, here in France, and all I could think of is how awesome the father of my children is.

He hasn’t really been very present in my blog posts but he definitely has been in my role as a parent. Let me be honest with you all and keep it simple: I couldn’t and wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for him.

1- He’s a (sleep-deprived) superhero:

I’m writing this as he sleeps besides me. He’s been sleeping early and unexpectedly, lately. He’s been extremely tired because « we » decided that he’s the one who wakes up when the kids wake up during the night, and thanks to Alexandre, that’s 5-6 times per night. And I’ve never heard him complain!

2- He’s Mr. Do-It-All:

The people who know me, know that I’m not much of a tidy/handy person. So yes, he is the one who takes care of the cleaning/ tidying up/ keeping it all together. And he’s doing a superb job at it.

3- He has to keep up with the mom’s mood:

He’s ready to do everything to keep my well-being up and running. A psychologist’s appointment or a mommy-nap? He’s here to keep the kids busy until I have some mommy-time-that-keeps-me-sane.

4- He’s a magician:

He knows how to entertain the kids when nothing worked with me. It’s like, magic!

5- He’s a kid: 

He plays like a kid, runs like a kid, shouts like a kid. He’s a kid in an adult’s body. I don’t know how he does it but he has the time of his life doing all those things. Hence, so do the kids.

6- He has a « real » job:

One would think after reading what dad does, that he doesn’t do anything but all of the above. But think differently, he also has a full-time job that he actually goes to every day.

7- He’s a husband:

Duh. But really, he’s the lover-kind of husband. Surprise flowers or breakfast in bed, he knows how to keep things going for us, as a couple.

8- He’s absolutely perfect:

Whether it is him playing with the kids or snoring next to me, he is absolutely perfect in every single way. And this is my tribute to you, my handsome, loving, fun Salim.

Dads, I don’t know how you do it, but please keep being this awesome!

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