8 « stay-at-home mom » clichés busted

Lately, I’ve been asked a lot what I do in life. To that, I answer that I’m a full time mommy.

I’m not going to say everyone, but almost everyone says that it’s cool when I can actually see judgment in their eyes.

I don’t read minds, but I’m guessing people think negatively of what they call a « stay-at-home mom ».

So here are 8 clichés and why they’re wrong.

1- We don’t have a job:

Yes, we do. It’s a 24/7 job and it’s called being a mommy.

2- We’re missing out on life:

No, we’re not. I actually think I’m fully embracing life by living every step of my children’s path.

3- We don’t have any other choice:

Yes we do, and we get a « real job » when and if we feel like we’re ready to do so.

4- It’s not feminist enough:

I think feminism is about spreading strong vibes. And what is stronger than raising the future Men and Women of our society?

5- It’s just… not fun:

It is TONS of fun. Have you tried playing with kids? It’s the most fun you can have in your entire life!

6- We don’t go out:

I actually try going out and doing random things I like as much as I can. WARNING: You need a cool partner who can accept this and is multifunctional so that they are able to replace you when you’re out.

7- We’re raised this way:

My mom was not a stay-at-home mom. That worked for her and she was, and still is, a perfect mommy. Whatever works for you, yo!

8- We have « this » kind of personality:

I think I’m the most socially outgoing person I know. I’m not introverted, and yes sometimes I get bored at home but I definitely don’t usually enjoy the security of staying at home. I just enjoy spending time with my kids.

In conclusion, stay-at-home moms can be cool and are definitely doing a great JOB. YAY US!!!

Un commentaire sur “8 « stay-at-home mom » clichés busted

  1. You have the most awesome job out there. I don’t think there’s anything cooler or more important than raising two fantastic humans.

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