Diane’s feet- or kicking talipes equines in the butt.

Today, I figured it was about time to explain what my little Diane went through- and still is- for her feet.

In fact, as I’ve mentioned before, Diane was born with a malformation in her feet. Basically, her feet were bent inwards towards the ankle. We knew about this when she was still in utero.

The different stages:

1- The therapy:

Since Dee was born, a therapist « massaged » her feet until we could take her out of the hospital. That lasted for three weeks.

2- The cast:


That’s my little one in her first cast. She was barely a few weeks old. It was heartbreaking to see her go through this. It was so hard to hear her cry for help during and after. She had to do this every week for five weeks: Cast off, new cast on.

This was extremely hard on us. Especially on me. But I’m particularly proud of her during that phase, because, even so she was a grumpy baby since she carried 30% of her weight in heavy, wet, cold cast, she was so extremely strong- both physically and mentally.

She literally broke her cast from too much kicking every single time. For some reason, it made me laugh and made me extremely proud of my little strong one.

3- The surgery-or lack of it:

After the five casts, Diane was supposed to undergo a surgery. Luckily, or miraculously, depending on your beliefs, she skipped that step. The doctor said that she never saw this much progression in her entire career and decided, for the first time ever, that a surgery isn’t necessary. That’s my daughter: always the surprise.

4- The splints:


She then had to put splints on. I remember crying my eyes out the first night. She was so much in pain. I didn’t want to go through with this, I didn’t want to see my little one go through this. The thing is, she couldn’t move her legs and that made her very angry.

But as usual, she got used to it and was amazingly doing well and moving well with her splints on. She amazed us by her acrobatic moves!
This lasted for seven months or so.

5- The shoes:


Diane is now a year old. She puts on orthopedic shoes during the day and continues to put her splints during the night.

Her cranky mood is definitely over, and her feet are now part of her life. As a dear friend calls her, she’s a « Happy baby ».

She IS my smiling, strong, full of life, happy baby.

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