The year that changed my life

My little ones are one year old.

My little ones are not so little anymore.

I can’t believe that exactly a year ago, they were so tiny, they were suffering and so was I. It seems so far away. And for a reason: It’s because they made me forget those painful moments and made this one year adventure worth the ride.

Where can I even begin… They’re the joy of my life, they’re literally the best gift I’ve ever received (Even more so since they share my birthday).

I’m writing this and my heart is filled with love. I could have never imagined I could love someone as much as I love them. I could have never imagined I had a space in my heart for not one but two more human beings.

Yes, love is the word. I’ve been loved. I’ve been loving. And it’s been wonderful.

I love their tiny fingers and their big hearts.

I love the way they higher their voice when they’re upset and when they put their heads on my shoulder to sleep.

I love everything about those tiny human beings, for they have taught me to love and fulfilled my whole soul with love.

I love my husband even more because not only is he my partner and my best friend, but he also is the father of my children and my being.

I know that I have also been loved.

I’ve been loved because I couldn’t have done this alone. I’ve been loved by God, but also by my family and friends.

I’ve been loved because those little munchkins changed my life and changed who I am.

I’ve been loved because for the first time in my life, I’m able to love.

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