10 ways parenthood is like a (bad) movie

Our twins are 11 months old and I can begin to see (almost) clearly what’s it like to be a parent. It is mostly fun and butterflies, but I sometimes feel like I’m watching a not-so-good movie.

1- It’s never-ending

You realize at some point that it’s here to stay.

2- It’s tiring

Very much so. Constantly. tiring.

3- It’s cheesy

Sometimes good cheese, mostly just annoying-to-people cheese.

4- It’s dirty

It’s like a Tarantino movie. Except with poop instead of blood.

5- You sometimes cry

Out of desperation, that is.

6- Everyone else seems to enjoy it

How is it so perfect to them?

7- You eat it out

Mostly Ben and Jerry’s.

8- You’re constantly falling asleep

At awkward moments.

9- You blame being here on someone

Your partner that is.

10- But being you, you’d watch it again if you had the chance.

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