A tribute from moms to their children- Episode 1: 7 moms from Lebanon

Meet Charbel-Gabriel

« Alias Chalala… my 3 y.o, he likes to practice the drums on his home made drumset, he likes drawing, dancing, cooking and music 😉 »

The mommy: Rita Bou Malhab Safi


Meet James.

« He’s 9 months old. One funny little dude he amazes me everyday he loves music just like his mommy. »

The mommy: Romy Moujaes


Meet Karim.

« He’s 1 years old . Everday he amazes me with something new . My love to him is indescribable. »

The mommy: Rewa Ghrawi


Meet Luciana.

« She is 2 years 9 months. She’s my little miracle, she amazes me everyday with how smart, curious and funny she is. »

The mommy: Anna Garcìa Raad.


Meet Maria.

« She’s one year and a half she’s funny full of life she loves to dance and she’s daddy’s little girl. »

The mommy: Eliane Abou Rjeily


Meet Diane.

« When I first saw her, I couldn’t stop saying « elle est belle elle est belle, elle est tellement belle ». 8 months later, and I still think she’s the prettiest. »

The mommy: Lara Bounassif

Meet Alexandre.

« I didn’t get the chance to see him immediately, due to complications. But I do think he’s the coolest and he makes my life worth living. »

The mommy: Lara Bounassif


Meet WIlliam.

« I’ll never forget how tiny and edible he was when I first saw him! He was born at 2,3 kg despite the fact I was bedridden for almost 3 months! He seemed so fragile that we were literally afraid to hold him in our arms. He is now 13 month old, runs instead of walking, had 6 tooth, is stronger than hulk and makes my heart melt further every day! « 

The mommy: Stephanie Baddour Nehme


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