Should homosexuals be allowed to adopt babies?

I’ve been thinking lately about how amazingly lucky I am to have had two beautiful twins, and, to say things like they are, with a minimum effort.

It got me thinking of all those awesome people who aren’t able to conceive. I can’t even begin imagining how hard it is for everyone who’s facing this problem. For parenthood is such an amazing gift that every normal and good person should be able to benefit from it.

I do agree on the fact that a perfect family is a loving mother, a loving father and awesome kids. But then again, who’s perfect?

The world is, sadly, full of abused children and orphanages that are full of kids. Everyone, and I mean everyone deserves to have loving parents, loving caretakers. And I also believe that genuinely nice people can be found in this awful world. It doesn’t matter if they’re Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist, Black, White, Latin, European, African, Straight or, wait for it, Gay.

You may start by not agreeing with me. But please ask yourself, why would a gay person be treated differently?

If you agree till now, then ask yourself another question: Isn’t it better to have a loving person to care for you than having no one?

Then isn’t it better to have a gay person adopt a child and to love and take care of the child than the same child being in an orphanage, or even worse, in a abusive « heterosexual » family?

I think that those of you who preach for love, cannot preach against a loving heart that is desperate for parenthood. No matter the religion, race or orientation.

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