5 things I enjoy seeing now that I’m a mom- And that make me smile.

Following my last post, here’s a list of things I absolutely enjoy seeing now that I have kids:

1- Parisians being nice.

Yes, yes, I promise they can be nice. That is, if you have cute twins with you. You see that whole other side of parisians being all fluffy and considerate. And I absolutely love that.

2- My husband being an awesome dad.

I knew he would be but seeing it is absolutely overwhelming. I think this is my favorite part of parenting: Having an amazing parent to do it with.

3- The smiles I exchange with random parents on the street.

We’d be like: « I know you’re extremely tired but you’re so cool for being a parent! », all with one single smile.

4- Other babies.

I absolutely love seeing random babies. I now appreciate how cool babies and kids are. I feel like high-fiving them all.

5-  My family all excited.

I enjoy most seeing my parents and brothers, even cousins or friends very excited about my babies. I feel like It’s one more thing that brings us all together.

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