5 things a new mom misses from her previous life

I’ve been a mom for 7 months now and it’s been absolutely wonderful, I know I have been blessed with so many amazing things.

That being said, there are things that I sometimes miss from my « old life ». Here’s a list.

1- The alone time.

Because yes, you guessed it, a new mom doesn’t have a minute to herself. You can forget about these 5 minutes when you just want to be alone and enjoy the peace and quiet of this moment.

2- Doing things for myself.

You know, like read, write, paint, not that I paint but I miss having this option.

3- Going out.

With friends, husband, alone, just going out without the constant stress of them protesting because I stopped the stroller for a few seconds.

4- Talking.

Say what? Yes, talking, having normal conversations with people. About politics, religion, life.

It’s like my brain won’t function that way anymore. It’s all about when I last changed the twins and when I should be back home to feed them next.

5- Going to the movies.

Because hey, it’s one of the rare things I can’t do with the kids: I can go to a restaurant or to church with the kids, but not to the movies. I know not all people developed the superpower I now have of not being bothered by their cries and screams, so that might be a slight problem to the other movie goers.

Nevertheless, I would never ever exchange the life I have now for my previous life. My life without my monsters feels totally meaningless.

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