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A tribute from moms to their children- Episode 1: 7 moms from Lebanon

Meet Charbel-Gabriel « Alias Chalala… my 3 y.o, he likes to practice the drums on his home made drumset, he likes drawing, dancing, cooking and music 😉 » The mommy: Rita Bou Malhab Safi Meet James. « He’s 9 months old. One funny…

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Should homosexuals be allowed to adopt babies?

I’ve been thinking lately about how amazingly lucky I am to have had two beautiful twins, and, to say things like they are, with a minimum effort. It got me thinking of all those awesome people who aren’t able to…

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5 things I enjoy seeing now that I’m a mom- And that make me smile.

Following my last post, here’s a list of things I absolutely enjoy seeing now that I have kids: 1- Parisians being nice. Yes, yes, I promise they can be nice. That is, if you have cute twins with you. You…

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5 things a new mom misses from her previous life

I’ve been a mom for 7 months now and it’s been absolutely wonderful, I know I have been blessed with so many amazing things. That being said, there are things that I sometimes miss from my « old life ». Here’s a list….

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