Are you ready to have a child?

I was talking today to a cool mom and it made me remember when we asked ourselves, Salim and I, if we were ready to have a child.

And here’s the story.

Before our wedding, Salim and I used to think that we were going to wait for a bit before we « rush into » kids. Then we had this huge Adrenaline rush after our awesome wedding.

From our wedding.

From our wedding.

So when we went back to Paris, right before our honeymoon, we rented a two-wheel and wandered in the streets of Paris. And this is when and where we asked ourselves: When is a good time to have kids, anyway?

We realized that there is no perfect time, really. You’ll always have this or that before you really want to have a baby. It’s either financial, or emotional, or professional… There’s always an excuse.

So in my opinion, here’s your essential checklist:

1- The father/ the mother:

They’re going to be the father/the mother of your child. That’s kind of a big deal since your child is like, you know, the most precious person ever. Would you allow a random person to handle your diamond ring?

2- A minimum of stability:

I’m talking to you, high schoolers.

That’s it, really. You will learn to care for and love your child. No one is born this good.

If you’re hesitating, go for it. It’s the coolest most awesome gift ever. And you definitely won’t regret it.



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