Her story.


I realized that telling you my pregnancy and birth story touched a lot of you, so I decided to ask another new mom, Romy, to write hers.

Romy has a 6 months old (just a month older than my twins) handsome boy.

Her story is extremely beautiful and I just had to share it. 

So here’s her touching story, that she named « Am I going to see my baby this time?« . Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

And here’s my inspiring, nerve-wrecking, beautiful little story.

It all started in May 2013, when I found out that I was accidentally pregnant. Elie (the father) didn’t believe me for like a month so much it was unpredictable. I, who had a miscarriage next to birth giving women in the hospital back in December 2013, was afraid to believe it.

But guess what! The ultrasound showed a tiny little egg with a heartbeat… I cried, why? Well obviously because I had mixed emotions. A part of me didn’t want to live this dream and have it crashed all over again and another part was so freaking excited… Ok! Back to reality!

On the night of my Birthday, I started bleeding, red blood! This took me back to a lot of painful memories… Started crying again…yeah a lot of crying happened and I must say that crying brought along a lot of contractions!!! And I hopelessly told Elie: “ If this is happening now and I’m only 2 months pregnant, then how is my baby going to survive for 7 more months???” He gently wiped my tears away and told me that the journey isn’t over yet and that we can still hope…

I ran to the Dr. the second day, the one who have already witnessed my first 11 weeks pregnancy loss, and he told me: “ Romy, get yourself together! There’s an expensive genetic test that we doctors usually ask women to do after 3 consecutive miscarriages. We can wait and see how your pregnancy will evolve or you can choose to do the test now”

Ok peeps, I will explain to you what this magical, expensive, genetic test is. In fact it studies your genes and shows you the possible diseases that you might encounter later on in life. In my case, doctors usually want to find out if I have Factor V Leiden.

Factor V Leiden Thrombophilia is a genetically inherited disorder of blood clotting. Those who are homozygous for the mutated allele are at a heightened risk of complications. Such as? Well blood clotting between the mother and the baby. When clotting occurs, the blood flow stops nourishing the fetus and he/she would suddenly die even at 7,8 or 9 months of pregnancy IMAGINE THAT!

The Dr. told me that it’s a very rare condition and it’s very rare to have it with a homozygous mutated allele. He really had doubts about me having it…

To stay on the safe side, my husband and I decided to go for this test and guess what people! It showed that I have factor V Leiden and guess what! With a HOMOZYGOUS MUTATED ALLELE!!!!!!!!

What’s the treatment?? Well 9 months of nonstop injections in the belly! Injections??? Is this really happening to me? Me, the trypanophobic (fear of needles) freak?

To tell you the truth, I didn’t know how to react to this…I was scared of the treatment, extremely scared of the whole idea! But then I have decided to take it this way by asking myself this question: What would you do if your kid next to you stops breathing whenever you stop injecting a solution in your belly? The answer in my heart was crystal clear: I’d inject everyday in a heartbeat.

And the journey began. These injections made everything happen smoothly. My awesome husband and mom injected like pro nurses every single one in my belly. At around 4 months, we found out that we were expecting a boy, little James. The little shrimp started kicking (pretty cool feeling by the way). I got to live the pregnancy honeymoon phase so fluently…but hey! My belly was covered with bruises because of the huge number of injections. But they later on proudly became my pregnancy marks.


The third trimester finally began, and we all said hello to stress ever since. My doctor warned me that the anticoagulant injections should be stopped 48h before delivery in order to prevent bleeding events during labor! Yiyks!

But he made one thing clear to me: women with factor V Leiden, cannot keep babies in their womb for more than 39 weeks. Ok so let me get this clear: I will need to feel all the contractions before the 39th week??? Endless thoughts hunted my sleep! I started to have nightmares, frequent nightmares about me having complications during delivery, about the SIDS (sudden infant death sydrom), etc.

I entered the 39th week with a closed cervix! Obviously, there were no signs of a normal delivery…The Dr. insisted that the baby should come out and immediately. Cervix is still closed. Injections should be stopped! Baby’s movements should be monitored closely and intensively for 48h! Will the blood clot in the last 48h?

C-section announced itself on the D-day: January 25 2014. Oh Lord! Am I going to come out of the operation room alive? Am I going to see my baby this time? What will I feel? It’s a surgery I won’t feel anything pushing…. Will it be painful? Will it be nice? Just like in the movies? Well guess what people it was way better! The way I delivered was so special. The cool anesthetist saw me nervously scared, so he asked me an awesome question: ”Do you like music?” I said “Hell yeah! I need it! I need it right now and please keep it during my delivery!!!” And there I was delivering to the sound of BB KING “the thrill is gone”. This song along with the anesthetic effect created an epic cocktail that flew me to another planet. Straightaway, James’s pediatrician said to me “Ok Romy they’re breaking the water now, your James is going to come out now any minute…” My whole world suddenly stopped couldn’t hear a thing anymore neither the music, nor the doctors…and then the sweetest sound came out, a sound that I always dreamed of hearing came out…That sound was my baby’s cry…. I felt shivers all over my body…my heart started beating so fast! I burst into tears and shouted: “My baby! My baby’s here! Thank you GOD!” This very moment will be engraved forever in my heart… For all you women out there, who are struggling through their pregnancy, or have gone through miscarriages, be strong! For once you hear your baby’s cry, you’ll forget about all the pain you’ve gone through! 


With love,Romy,Jamesy’s mom.

And here is a picture of this cool mom and her cute James.

IMG_1277 11.15.49 AM 



8 commentaires sur “Her story.

  1. Romy i really was touched and i bet ur gonna be the best mommy ever..
    Ur story was « am i going to c my baby » and mine was « will my baby have the chance to meet me » but God was generous with both of us, now Jo is the only baby i will have and im more than happy and grateful for the most wonderful gift in life. May he bless our families always!!! Lots of kissess

  2. Dayana! I just saw your comment! God was really generous with us! I really wish ur little Jo all the health in the world! May God keep our families!! I send you kisses!!!! IT IS THE MOST WONDERFUL GIFT ANYONE COULD EVER HAVE!!!!!!!!! God bless you Dayana!!!! ❤

  3. Dear Romy thank you for sharing this with me i needed this kind of stories especially now…thank you for your support! And hopefully i will have a happy ending too 🙂 lots of love and my best wishes for a smooth second delivery❤️

  4. Super mom! James should be very proud of you God bless you and your little one ❤

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