How to entertain a baby without leaving the room: 7 easy ways

My twins have come to a point where they’re not vegetables anymore, as their father says.

You know, vegetables, when they’re born and all they do is eat and sleep. Not anymore! They now want you to entertain them. There’s a good and a bad side to that. The good side is that they’re more fun, they respond and they laugh. The not-so-good side is that you can’t really rest anymore, especially when there are two of them, looking at you, waiting for what you’re going to be doing next.

So when your arms can’t hold them anymore, put them in a safe place and follow these steps.

Here are my 7 easy ways to entertain a 5 months old (or two):

1- Singing:

It is always a good idea. Adapt your song and way of singing to the entertainment’s goal. 

2- Dancing:

And I don’t mean slow dancing. I mean go-crazy dancing. Not sure about yours, but my kids have wide open eyes when I dance like a mad woman. I’m not sure if they’re interested or plain scared or even just can’t believe they’re stuck with me for life, but they sure do calm down. And I’m happy.

3- Talking:

Calmly. My twins absolutely love when I talk to them. I narrate random things, tell them about how Salim and I met, about their families and family members… Depending on your desperation level, you might start explaining some pretty random things. Do not be scared of yourself, just make sure you keep smiling to them and speaking in a calm and soothing voice.

4- Reading:

Out loud. I know they don’t understand one word yet. But trust me, it works. It’s like talking when you don’t feel like making up or telling stories. It definitely doesn’t have to be kids’ stories. Read the books you want to read, just out loud.

5- Making them play with each other:

Ok so yes this only works when you have twins or when their age difference isn’t that significant. But it’s totally worth it. Remember when we used to play with dolls and soldiers? Well now I have Diane and Alexandre. It is mostly entertaining for me, but hey don’t judge.

6- Putting on a puppet show:

It’s all in the title. Their toys now have names and personalities. 

7- Imitating their sounds:

Just repeat whatever sound they make. It entertains both of you and it doesn’t require any brain effort, which is a good thing when your brain can’t function anymore.

 What are your ways to calm your little monsters?


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