4 traveling-with-babies myths busted

Taken by Lara Peiffer, when we were feeling energetic after the babies had slept.

Taken by Lara Peiffer, when we were feeling energetic after the babies had slept.

We’ve recently travelled with our twins. It was their first flight, and it lasted around 4 hours.

4 hours isn’t a lot, one might think. But the tricky part about traveling is that it requires lots of time and preparation before and after the actual flight, which makes the duration longer than expected.

Things we’ve heard/feared about traveling with babies:

1- They’re going to cry, a lot.

2- It’s going to be a long and tiring wait before the actual flight.

3- You should give them their bottles of milk/water during take off and landing.

4- You need to prepare yourself for everything and pack every single thing they will or even might need.

Here’s how it actually went:

1- They didn’t.

My twins cried for a bit before take off, nothing too exceptional though. I’m guessing the passengers thought they’re in for a loooong noisy flight.

But once their « beds » were ready, they actually slept almost the whole time. They just woke up for a cuddle every once in a while.

2- It actually was not.

We kept the stroller and they were comfortable and played with their toys during the wait. We travelled from France, Charles de Gaulle Airport and it was just perfect, the staff was very helpful and their babies’ policy was very cool.

I just need to precise though, that when we landed, the situation was completely different and the Beirut International Airport was tons of stuff, but definitely not baby-friendly. We endlessly waited in line while people had not even one bit of respect neither for priority nor for the actual waiting line.

But hey, that might make another article subject.

3- We gave them their bottles just before take off, they cried till they finished it so we couldn’t keep enough for the actual take off. I was scared of the reaction. It really went smoothly, they slept in our arms.

During landing, we also couldn’t give them their bottles, they also slept through it all.

A quick reminder though: We took them 2 days prior to the flight to the pediatrist who checked their ears in case it would be risky for the ears. I think that’s an important step before you travel.

4- It really depends on where you’re going.

Try to pack the least possible. You usually find almost everything you need to wherever you’re traveling, because of you know, international commerce and globalization.

It will really make your life easier.

Obviously, do not forget the important stuff such as their meds etc.

That being said, it is still definitely a hard day, when you travel with babies. And I’m glad I’m not doing it for a few more weeks.

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