4 important tips to protect your child



Parents in general, and moms in particular, tend to have rational-or irrational- fears when it comes to their child. 

Here are some tips I’ve learned either by reading articles or by personal thoughts, that I think every parent should know, in order to protect your children in random matters.

1- Never force them to do anything.

Especially not hugging/kissing adults.

I’m not talking about not pushing in order for them to finish their meal, but when it comes to relationships with adults, it tends to be more complex. Sometimes, kids feel a danger or have had an experience that parents don’t know about. 

This diminishes the risk of adults forcing them to do things, when you’re not around, since kids think they should « obey » adults.

2- Teach them what their genitals are called.

And teach them that they are private parts, that are just for them.

Don’t call it cute names, it’s not cute and no one should touch it. Explain that unless you’re giving them a bath, changing them or the doctor is checking them, in your presence, it’s theirs and no one has the right to touch what’s private. Teach them to say « This is my penis, don’t touch it » or « This is my vagina don’t touch it ». It will definitely make predators kind of freak out.

3- Teach them that they can tell you anything.

And that they can’t have secrets with anyone else.

Tell them that in case they’re asked to « keep it to themselves and not to tell their parents » they should immediately tell on that person.

4- Repeat everything you want them to understand.

Like in school, 1+1=2. Again. Till they memorize it.

« Don’t talk to strangers » « Don’t cross the road before you check that the little man is green » « Be careful when… » And repeat. Exercise theatrically if needed until it’s as clear as how old they are.



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