10 things you never knew you can do until you have newborns

DSC_0985 copy 2
I’ve heard having one newborn is hard enough. Imagine having twins.

(True stories)

1- Eating sushi, with chopsticks, using one hand.
And holding your baby in the other.

2- Holding both of your babies, each in one arm.
And having different rhythms for your movements in each hand, in order to satisfy both of them.

3- Not hearing your baby cry.
Yes, you hear them, but you’re too tired to actually realize they’re crying.

4- Changing one’s diaper while feeding the other.
It’s hygienically questionable, but don’t judge.

5- Speaking languages you didn’t know existed.
It’s usually languages they teach you.

6- Trying to rationalize/negotiate with them.
« I know you want me to hold you, and I will, but I just need to pee, since I haven’t for 10 straight hours. Ok, if you let me pee, I’ll even throw in extra cuddles. »

7- Feeling excited about their first « goo ».
You know, when parents used to tell you how their baby « talked » and you never knew why it was this important to hear them make a sound.

8- Randomly smiling to strangers, when your baby isn’t with you.
Because you’re so used to smiling back when people on the streets are nice because you have a cute baby. Or even better, cute twins.

9- Sleeping in the weirdest positions ever.
When you used to be so picky about your pillow.

10- Loving someone as much as you love them.
How is it even possible to love someone as much as you love your tiny monsters?

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