10 « grown up » songs to use with your kids

We can all agree on the fact that lullabies and kids’ songs are not always enjoyable. So I figured that since my twins are still too young to understand the songs’ words, we’d listen to cool songs that have a nice rhythm to it without me killing myself over the annoying songs, because hey, I’ll have a lifetime to do that.

So here’s my list of cool songs that my kids like:

1- You and I, by Ingrid Michaelson:
This is for the afternoon, when you just are out of inspiration and they become very demanding. Don’t forget to cheesy-dance to it.

2- Bruises, by Chairlift:
This comes right after You and I, or when you can’t listen to you and I anymore. But there’s obviously a different dance to it. It has more beat and all.

3- Dancing queen, by Abba:
This song is just perfect for hand gestures/acting in your favorite play. And the kids dig that.

4- Yesterday, by The Beatles:
A classic. Make it an afternoon nap classic.

5- I want the world to stop, by Belle and Sebastian:
Ok, I do admit it makes me feel better since I feel like I frequently need a break. But it has a nice soft rhythm to it. Just don’t play it if your kids are older and want to know what it means.

6- Living on a prayer, by Bon Jovi:
Weird, right? Not when they’re just amazed by the way you head bang.

7- Milord, by Edith Piaf:
You have to have a french Piaf classic in your playlist.

8- Only time, by Enya:
It does miracles. It really helps as well if you think about the JC Vandamme Volvo ad while endlessly listening to it. It will make you feel heroic.

9- Any song, by James Blunt:
Just play it all. I know you have every album.

10- What a wonderful world, by Louis Armstrong:
End their day and yours with this soul soothing classic.

Musically yours,

2 commentaires sur “10 « grown up » songs to use with your kids

  1. Oh forget lullabies and nursery rhymes. My 3 year old favorites are:
    Happy by Pharell Williams
    Let it Go from Frozen
    I want to know now, if you will love me again
    Boya boya boya, Feiruz
    She is a slave to the rythm, Michael Jackson you could hear him singing it while playing in his, it is sooo adorable
    Oh at some point Gangam style of course!
    And we listen to Virgin Radio every morning!

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